24 GoPro Mountain Games continues sustainability focus
Photo: Dan Davis

24 GoPro Mountain Games continues sustainability focus

Posted by: Tom Boyd

The GoPro Mountain Games Protect our Playgrounds initiatives will support trail maintenance and mountain clean-up in 2024

With Earth Day upon us, the Vail Valley Foundation continues to prioritize its commitment to sustainability at the GoPro Mountain Games and highlights the importance of protecting the beautiful Eagle River Valley.  

For 22 years, the GoPro Mountain Games have invited athletes, spectators, and event partners to take part in one of the best all-around mountain sports and lifestyle events in the world.  

Being a part of the event also means being an active steward of the Valley’s rivers, mountains, and community. Having a positive impact on Colorado’s precious playground is a core priority of the GoPro Mountain Games, along with key partners the Town of Vail and Vail Mountain. 

“It’s no secret we love the outdoors,” said Peggy Wolfe, Senior Director of Operations for the Vail Valley Foundation. “With the GoPro Mountain Games, the Vail Valley Foundation, the Town of Vail, Vail Mountain, and all our event partners focus on what we can do as individuals and as a larger group to keep our Rocky Mountain lands healthy, alive, and growing.” 

In 2024, the GoPro Mountain Games will continue to focus on sustainability by reducing and diverting waste. This year, all on-mountain aid stations will be cupless, and participants registered in most of the run events will receive a free collapsible cup at registration for all Mountain Games races. This builds upon the 2023 initiatives to save water, divert waste, and participate in other beneficial programs with event partners, athletes, and spectators.  

Here are a few highlights of GoPro Mountain Games efforts to Protect our Playground: 
  • Waste diversion: In 2023, 87% of the waste generated at the event was diverted from local landfills. Our goal is 90% in 2024. 
  • Reusable Containers: Don’t forget your reusable water bottle! Complimentary hydration refill stations are set up throughout Vail, allowing for free refills (and less waste). 
  • Work with event partners to make green choices: Be mindful of on-site giveaways using consumable, reused, recycled, and upcycled options. Try to minimize additional waste in packaging with soft plastics and excess cardboard. 
  • CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY. An essential part of protecting the waters we love is preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS). All Whitewater and Fishing athletes are encouraged to make sure their boats and gear are CLEAN of plants, mud, and debris; DRAINED of standing water; and completely DRY between launches can help to prevent the spread of AIS that compromises our water resources. No matter what you float, remember to CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY every time to prevent invasive species from spreading and protect our waters for generations to come.  
Here are a few ways GoPro Mountain Games participants can support our efforts: 
  • Join the GoPro Mountain Games “Protect our Playground” team for a day of service in June following the event to help with trail maintenance and mountain cleanup.  
  • Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it at one of the complimentary hydration refill stations around the GoPro Mountain Games. 
  • Clean up after yourself, your dog, and others. Take a moment to pick up a piece of trash you find along the trail, in the Village, or anywhere in the Town of Vail. 
  • Consider alternate modes of transportation: bike, walk, carpool, or use public transit (sorry, but dogs are not allowed on Town of Vail buses). 
  • Work with on-site volunteers at the waste diversion stations and be mindful of what goes where. 
  • Take care of YOUR playground year-round. 

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