Athletes to watch: Jacob Dewey

Athletes to watch: Jacob Dewey

Posted by: Ross Leonhart

‘It’s a good alternative to running so you don’t have to run year-round’

Like many Skimo athletes, Jacob Dewey made the transition from running to the on-snow sport. The Western Colorado University senior started his freshman year of college.

“I really liked it because it’s cold and snowy here in the winter, and it’s a good alternative to running so you don’t have to run year-round,” he said, adding that he got into the sport because it “looked cool” and was an opportunity not-to-be-missed with the surrounding mountains around Gunnison.

Dewey competed in many Skimo races while at Western Colorado University and has formed a special relationship with the team’s coach.

“It’s coached by Cam Smith, who’s one of the fastest guys in the nation,” Dewey said.

Dewey will be competing against his coach at the Winter Mountain Games Preview in Vail. But the sport offers so much more than just competition.

“Part of it is the exercise and gaining fitness for summer running, but the other part is your out in the mountains usually by yourself or with one other person,” Dewey said. “The mountains are just so different when they’re covered in snow, and one of the coolest things is seeing the sun reflect off the snow at sunrise.”

Having been in the sport for nearly four years now, Dewey said he’s seen it change for the good.

“I think it kind of went from a very misfit, very European thing to something that’s really popular in the United States now,” he said. “I think you can see that with the ski areas and everyone getting into the uphill access.”

Dewey is looking to build consistency in the next couple of years with the Winter Olympics debuting Skimo in 2026 in Italy.

“People should do it. It’s an awesome sport,” he said. “It’s going to grow and I can’t wait to see how big it gets.”

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