Colorado Cup Series puts state, and GoPro Mountain Games, at center of whitewater sports
Photo: Dan Davis

Colorado Cup Series puts state, and GoPro Mountain Games, at center of whitewater sports

Posted by: Tom Boyd

More than $5000 of cash and prizes will go to winners of the three-event Colorado Cup Series 

For decades, kayakers from around the world have migrated to Colorado to catch the legendary spring runoff in the Rocky Mountains, so it’s no surprise that the GoPro Mountain Games happen to happen during this yearly high-water happening.

In fact, the GoPro Mountain Games were born partly out of the International Whitewater Festival that preceded the Mountain Games. In 2002, organizers combined the Festival with other outdoor sports, music, and lifestyle elements, creating the first ever Mountain Games, but the Mountain Games have, for decades, been part of a natural migration of the world’s kayakers to Colorado in springtime.

A three-stop kayaking tour – with a lot on the line
GoPro Mountain Games Colorado Cup
Freestyle kayakers are flipping out about the awesomeness of the Colorado Cup at the GoPro Mountain Games. Photo by Dan Davis.

Fast forward to 2024 and the annual kayaking migration has taken a more official shape in the form of a three-stop tour of competitions that includes CKS Paddle Fest, the GoPro Mountain Games, and FIBArk.

It all adds up to become the 2024 Kayak Freestyle Colorado Cup.

This three-event series will culminate in an overall champion for the Colorado Tour freestyle Kayak events. The 2024 Kayak Freestyle Colorado Cup events are: 

  • CKS Paddlefest – May 23-27, Buena Vista 
  • GoPro Mountain Games – June 6-9, Vail 
  • FIBArk – June 14-16, Salida   

That means that our very own Optimum Nutrition kayak freestyle event, a mainstay of the GoPro Mountain Games, will be the second stop in the Colorado Cup tour. This event features the world’s best playboaters in an old-fashioned throw-down at Vail Whitewater Park June 6-8 during the Mountain Games, with the finals at 4 p.m. on June 8. Registration for this event closes June 5 at 6 p.m 

CKS River Supply, GoPro Mountain Games, and FIBArk have united to provide a substantial purse for all Colorado Cup Champions, with more than $5000 of cash and prizes to award, recognizing the achievements of both senior and junior men and women. Competitors will be ranked at each of the freestyle events, and the rankings will be totaled for all three events. The competitor with the least number of points in each division will be crowned Colorado Cup Champion. In the event of a tie, the scores at the FIBArk event will serve as the tiebreaker. 

Find the complete event overview and register at 

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