Skimo Individual
Photo: USA Skimo

Skimo Individual


A mind-bending course leading up Vail Mountain, down into its Legendary Back Bowls, and back up again will greet some of the world’s best Ski Mountaineering competitors, starting and finishing in Mountain Plaza for a 13 mile round trip event. * USA Skimo Event ONLY

4:30 PM

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Event Overview

Friday, FEBRUARY 25

4:30 PM

A mind-bending course leading up Vail Mountain, down into its Legendary Back Bowls, and back up again, starting and finishing in Mountain Plaza, will greet some of the world’s best Ski Mountaineering competitors on Friday, Feb. 25, 2022 in perhaps the most dramatic event of the 2022 Winter Mountain Games Preview event. Competitors will take on a course with 4 uphills and 4 downhills and overall 13 miles in what promises to become an instant classic for this up-and-coming, and soon-to-be-Olympic, winter sport. All three Skimo competitions taking place throughout the weekend will serve as USA Skimo National Championship races for Senior men/women, U23 men/women, and 45+ men/women.

IMPORTANT: Registration for this event closes Wednesday, February 23 at 12:00 PM.

*Do you have a USA Skimo member number? You will need the number to complete your registration. If you are not a member and would like to participate you can register for a single venue license at Single venue license holders are not eligible for National Championship Rankings or prize money.




Friday, FEBRUARY 25

4:30 PM*

*Times subject to change. Additional details on wave timing to come.



  • Skis
    • Minimum length: women – 150cm; men – 160cm 
    • Minimum ski/binding weight: women – 700g; men – 750g
  • Bindings 
    • Toe and heel piece must be same brand 
  • Boots
    • Rubber sole must cover 100% of boot bottom 
    • Minimum weight: women – 450g; men – 500g
  • Skins 
    • at least 1 pair
  • Backpack
    • must have 2 connection points, for skis to be carried during boot pack
  • Clothing 
    • 3 upper body layers 
    • 1 of the layers must be a wind proof layer 
    • 1 layer must be short or long sleeved (no tank tops) 
    • 2 lower body layers
  • Helmet
    • Must meet UIAA 106 and EN 1077 class B standards 
    • Must meet EN 12492 and EN 1077 class B standards
  • Beacon
    • Conforms to standard EN 300718 457 kHz frequency 
    • The DVA has to be equipped with a 3 antennas receiving system 
    • The DVA has to be worn in a closed pocket (zipper only) inside of the race suit at the belly level or as defined by the manufacturer 
  • Shovel
    • No snow claws; Minimum length 50cm 
  • Probe
    • No probe poles; Minimum length 240cm
  • Headlamp
    • Minimum 500 lumen
  • Must Carry
    • Poles 
    • Gloves 
    • Pack 
    • Sunglasses 
    • Whistle 
    • Safety Blanket 
  • Other Optional Equipment as required by race

IMPORTANT: There will be a mandatory gear check for all divisions on Friday, February 25th, between 4 and 4:15 at the start of the race

  • The Winter Mountain Games Preview Skimo Individual competition is part of the USA Skimo National Championships. 
  • The Winter Mountain Games will be following ISMF rules for all divisions. A full list of the detailed rules can be found on the ISMF site. [ISMF RULES] 
  • Applicable time penalties will be in effect 
  • Each athlete will receive two bibs 
    • One bib must be worn on the right front thigh 
    • One bib must be placed on the athlete’s backpack 
  • Course markings will be as follows: 
    • Uphill sections | Green 
    • Downhill sections | Red 
    • Booting sections | Yellow 
  • All athletes MUST ascend using skins 
  • Skins must be fully tucked into suit/jacket prior to leaving the transition area  
  • All athletes MUST descend with boots locked and locked into skis 
  • All transitions must occur entirely within the marked transition zones
  • Skis must be attached to a pack in 2 attachment points  
  • Poles must be flat on the ground during all transitions (skiing to skinning, skinning to skiing, skinning to booting, booting to skinning). 
  • Overtaking skier has the right of way on ascents after saying “track” or “trace” 
  • Downhill skier has the right of way on descents 
  • No outside assistance will be allowed 
  • All athletes must finish will all gear that they started with 
  • All athletes must go through all checkpoints 
  • All athletes must stay on the marked course, including on all switchbacks. NO SHORTCUTTING. 
  • All athletes that drop out of the race MUST notify a checkpoint volunteer or race official. 
  • This race is fully racer self-supported. There are no aid stations [food or water] on the course.
  • Course details and map to come.
  • Due to weather and winter conditions, course changes may occur at any time. 
  • U14 – (Ages 14 and under. Birth year 2008 and under.) Shortened race course.
  • U16 – (Ages 15-16. Birth year 2007-2006) Shortened race course.
  • U18 – (Ages 17-18. Birth year 2005-2004) Shortened race course.
  • U20 – (Ages 19-20. Birth year 2003-2002) Abbreviated full distance race course.
  • U23 – (Ages 21-22-23. Birth year 2001-2000-1999) Full distance race course.
  • Senior – (Ages 24-44. Birth year 1998-1978) Men full distance race course / women abbreviated full distance race course.
  • Masters – (Ages 45+. Birth year 1977 or prior) Full distance race course.

Good to know:

  • There will be one aid station at the start/finish and one aid station on-course

Price & Prizes


$75Adult | single event
$200Adult | three events
$60Junior [18 and under] | single event
$150Junior [18 and under]| three events 


1st – $500
2nd – $300
3rd – $200
4th – $150
5th – $100

1st – $500
2nd – $300
3rd – $200
4th – $150
5th – $100


1st place winners in the men’s and women’s senior divisions will receive a GoPro HERO10 Black camera.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers across all Skimo Individual divisions will receive a Winter Mountain Games medal.

PLEASE NOTE: You may participate in the races with a USA Skimo single venue license but will not be eligible for National Championship Rankings or prize money.

Price & Prizes